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We have gathered some of the most interesting posts and stories that we encounter on the internet on the Insights Blog. Here's what we're reading this week.... 

Risk Management

Stories and insights on corruption, compliance, business ethics and risk mitigation strategies curated from around the internet.

Compliance and Business Ethics

If you haven't seen this already, you should read it now.... from the FCPA blog: SEC warns on cybersecurity compliance and enforcement.


Instability & Conflict

UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon warns that "Terrorism is on the march" and has contributed to  the highest number of refugees and displaced persons since the Second World War.  Read more here


More on how youth are being targeted for recruitment and Kenyan law enforcement efforts to apprehend Al Shabaab recruiters at Moi University (here)


Conflict in Eastern Congo... Over 30 Killed in Fighting Between Congolese Army and Rebels - read about it here 


Financial Matters


The Guardian is having a discussion around barriers to financial inclusion in fragile states - this is an important topic for anyone working in countries (or attempting to provide financial services) with weak to non-existent banking systems.  The discussion happens November 5.  More detail is here


Stories on the latest trends in business management, strategy and marketing from around the internet


Northrop Grumman Wins Long Range Strike Bomber Contract valued at $60B becoming a prime contractor once again on a major military jet program.  Read here and here


Change the way you market your business - these 11 trends apply to business-to-business in government and commercial contracting spaces (as well as to B-2-C).  Read here 

Global News

In other news... stories that interest us...


News on Urbanization, Sustainable Urban Development and the Mega-City


How Ho Chi Minh City Got a Face Lift posted by Madhu Raghunath on the World Bank Blogs talks about how HCMC is taking action to clean up the city and improve quality of life for its 8M inhabitants.  Read the Blog here.


An Opinion Piece from Forbes Magazine originally published Feb 24, 2015, about how Urbanization will change the developing word. Read it here 


From the World Economic Forum - The Risks of Rapid and Unplanned Urbanization in Developing Countries... read here 

Regional News



After the joint raid in Hawijah, Pentagon says "we're in combat in Iraq," sort of....  Check out the Washington Post Story here.  


According to General Petraeus, the biggest threat in Iraq is not ISIS, it's Shia militias backed by Iran.  Read the interview here


Murdered Iraqi minister was preparing to expose his ministry for corruption.  Story here



As Afghans feel more insecure at home, they set their sights on Europe and specifically Germany... now becoming stricter with its refugee policies.


Pakistan says it has influence on Taliban but no control.  Read here




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